Passport Redirected Contacts



A marketing intelligence platform for internal company use.



UX/UI Research + Design



3 weeks



Sketch, Invision, JIRA, Abstract


Slashdot Media’s telemarketing department leads a team that calls contacts in their database in order to find leads. They want to begin implementing a way to obtain information about new contacts, in case the person that they reached is not the best contact to reach for the campaign.

Business Goals

The Challenge

Maximize the database and increase the number potential leads and ultimately profit by collecting redirected contact information.

The telemarketing department will begin collecting information regarding referred contacts and need a way to approve and edit this information. We will create a portal with a queue of contacts to approve or deny, and a way to edit the information related to the contact.

The Process

This page was a new feature of the software. As the sole designer, I was responsible for all UX/UI processes. I implemented a lean UX process with rapid prototyping and updates based on user feedback.

UI Responsibilities

UX Responsibilities

  • Develop high-fidelity wireframes.

  • Interaction design.

  • Conduct user interviews and user testing.

  • Information architecture.

  • Collaborate with development team.


User Insights

User Journey

New Contact Process.png

User Interviews + Usability Testing

Although the Redirect Contact Queue was a new feature of the software, there were some other pages that the product owner wanted me to reference the UX/UI of.

Artboard Copy 6.png
Artboard Copy 5.png


Design Principles

Showcase Relevant Information

The user should be able to quickly view only the relevant and most important information needed in order to complete their next task (denying or approving the contact).

Concept Development & Wireframing

Artboard Copy 4.png

The design features a 2 page process. In the first page, the user has the option to filter the contacts in the queue by “line,” and then select the contact they want to view and approve/deny. The second page shows a side by side of the contact that has already been reached, and the referral contact. The user is able to quickly compare vital information such as company and job title, before verifying their information via LinkedIn and/or deciding whether to approve or deny the contact.

The Final Product


Redirect Contact Queue


Contact Edit

In the final iteration, we added the functionality to be able to view a list of the other approved referrals from the same contact in order to decide which is the best reference to use.


Quick Contact View

User can quick view the other approved referrals.

Results & Key Takeaways

Coming Soon…