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Hotel Web Design


Hotel Website Design

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3Palms Hotel Group



UX/UI Research + Design



4 weeks



Sketch, Invision, JIRA, Abstract


This hotel group owns hotels in Lake Tahoe, Tucson, and Scottsdale. The Lake Tahoe hotel is branded as “3Peaks” while Tucson and Scottsdale are branded as sister hotels “3Palms.” For this project, I designed a website that can be implemented for each hotel, giving the sites a cohesive look.

Business Goals

The Challenge

Design for responsive web + mobile.

Keep content for SEO purposes.

Redesign 3 hotel websites.

The Process

As the sole designer, I was responsible for all UX/UI processes from UX research to development handoff.

UI Responsibilities

UX Responsibilities

  • Develop fidelity wireframes.

  • Implement responsive design.

  • Interaction design.

  • Perform a heuristic evolution of the existing websites.

  • Conduct user interviews and user testing.

  • Information architecture.

  • Collaborate with development team.


Heuristic Evaluation

I evaluated the current website to understand what needed to be done for the redesign.

3peaks old.png

3Peaks Lake Tahoe Landing Page

The current website was outdated in design and functionality.

3palms old.png

3Palms Scottsdale Landing Page


Design Principles


The new design should emphasize the booking element and make it highly accessible for the user.

Concept Development

Initial Wireframes

Artboard Copy.png

Landing page

This design shows a prevalent easy to use booking bar.

User Insights

User Flows

The new user flow should include the ability to navigate to booking at every step.

The Final Product


3Peaks Lake Tahoe Landing Page

Results & Key Takeaways

Understanding Business Needs

One of the challenges during this project was prioritizing the business needs of including text for SEO. Every page of the website had multiple paragraphs of text for SEO purposes. I was challenged to find a way to keep all the text without taking away from the experience of the user. My design utilized visual elements to break up the text blocks, which made it a better experience for the user in not being presented with an overwhelming amount of text at once, while still fulfilling the business goals of optimizing SEO.